Our catering service options

At home, your apartment, workplace, yacht, local gardens……..

The team at Le Thai Chef have now established a “Private Catering Service” that comes complete with all necessary portable kitchen and servery equipment that enables top quality fresh cuisine to be served at your place, by the professionally trained Le Thai Chef Restaurant team.


Our catering service is available to provide the finest Traditional and Cordon Bleu fusion dishes that our in house patrons love, at our clients choice of venue! Dishes and recipes to suit the most eclectic tastes are available to the request of our clients!


Birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, reunions and even christenings are just some of the special celebrations that Le Thai now caters for.


Menu selections range from finger food to 2, 3, 4 or even 5 course meals that are prepared and served fresh. Ingredients and bases are all prepared fresh on the day, packaged into appropriate containers and delivered on site without compromise of flavour, freshness or health standards.


On the request of our client, to ensure freshness, parts of a variety of meals can be mixed or cooked on site just before being served. *


Catering is available for celebrations and functions of up to and over 100 guests.


All catering and cooking equipment is provided by Le Thai Chef Restaurant, as required.


Catering plans are discussed with our client and established prior to the event.


Advance bookings are essential.
Catering is normally available at most locations within an hour and a half drive from Geelong or subject to special arrangements with our client.


Individual catering options are available upon request.


By request, our fully trained chefs and cooks are able to include the preparation, cooking and serving of our fine cuisine as novelty entertainment for your guests. All Le Thai catering participants are dressed in sparkling clean uniforms or traditional Thai dress to suit your occasion. We design our catering processes and presentations to enhance and compliment your functions and celebrations!


*Subject to available on site location / facilities.


See an independent review of a recent function we catered for;




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