Le Thai Nights
Le Thai Chefs own celebrity Chef, Mr Sun, has decided to warm up his first winter in Australia, by introducing  “Le Thai Nights” from Monday to Thursday during this cold weather period. The “Le Thai Nights” are theme nights that give everyone in Geelong the opportunity to savour some of Chef Sun’s  special recipes that are not on the regular A’ La Carte menu. There is a special “theme” dish on each night! Chef Sun says, these are his own Le Cordon Bleu Thai Fusion recipes. They are hearty and wholesome and most importantly really delicious.  They are recipes that can help stave off the midweek doldrums.
The “Le Thai Nights” kick off on the second Monday of June, with his famous mouth watering prime aged rib eye steak or the Saraburri T Bone. Tuesday nights are his Kun Pa’s own Thai seafood “Curry Paella” night. Wednesday nights are Poached milk flavoured, pan seared chicken breast steaks or deep fried, large handmade garlic fish and potato balls, rolled in bread crumbs or in pastry pockets with Thai herbs with a side of Thai fruity salad or rice.  Thursdays nights we have See kong Moo Yang, marinated roasted pork spare ribs on coconut rice.
Le Thai Nights” are all about groups of friends or family, being able to regularly come together in a warm and special place. Everyone enjoys relaxing in a warm environment with great service, food and drink. Chef Sun says, “we used to have these nights when I was in Toronto during winter. People used to come all rugged up from out in the snow to share a great night with their  companions.  It became a really nice tradition”.
Chef Sun says, “now that we are in the slower part of the season, I have the opportunity to spend more time in preparing these more complex meals with more variety”. It is a chance to have some great fun when it is all dull and grey outside”.
The only thing we ask to help us keep prices down is that patrons must book 24 hours in advance. The theme night menu is only available for advance bookings. So to avoid missing out on your special night, remember to book ahead, either on line or by phone. Our complete A’La Carte menu and service is available as always, for those that still prefer to explore our great variety of delicious Traditional Thai and Nouveau Fusion dishes.